The Comfort Makers of Tuscaloosa and Beyond

A place blessed with a charm of its own, Tuscaloosa, Cottondale, Samantha, and Northport – the tapestry of Alabama is woven with the threads of tradition, innovation, and a sense of community. Centrally tucked among this beauty is a company named Turner & Schoel, committed to providing the residents with comfort, one home at a time.

AC Solutions Tailored for You

The company’s core competencies revolve around AC Installation, AC Repair, AC Service, 24 Hour AC Repair, and AC Replacement. At Turner & Schoel, we deeply understand that every household is different, and so are the needs. That’s why we bring a flexible approach, delivering tailored solutions to suit individual preferences, ensuring optimum functionality and comfort.

Conveniently located near Tuscaloosa’s city center, we work tirelessly to ensure that the hot summer months become just another season and not a discomfort. Our team of experts performs world-class AC installations, guaranteeing cool and comfortable homes for our customers.

Round the Clock Repair Service

Our dedication to your comfort does not end once the installation is complete. We provide 24 Hour AC Repair across Tuscaloosa, Cottondale, Samantha, and Northport. We understand mishaps don’t work 9-5, that’s why our team of certified professionals stands by to help you at any hour.

With just a call, our AC repair professionals will be at your service, equipped with technical expertise and a dedication to solve your problem efficiently. From AC Service to AC replacement, Turner & Schoel ensures seamless solutions to all your cooling needs.

Experience the Best of Turner & Schoel

Our promise extends further than just providing the best AC Services. We aspire to build strong relationships with our customers, rooted in trust, care, and unparalleled service. From Tuscaloosa to the quiet ways of Samantha, from the charm of Cottondale to the vibrancy of Northport, wherever you are, we are here for you.

Join our family at Turner & Schoel today. Here’s to cool summers, comfortable homes, and a lifetime of impeccable service.