“Maglish Plumbing, Heating, & Electric: Your One-Stop-Shop for Exceptional Furnace Solutions”

Have you ever tried to cuddle with a snowman in a bid to stay warm because your furnace gave up at the worst time? Or maybe attempted to microwave your socks because your heater decided it was time for a vacation? Welcome to the club! We at Maglish Plumbing, Heating, & Electric have answers to all your chilly dilemmas.

Best Bang For Your Buck

We all know that the furnace market isn’t the most exciting, but who says you can’t add some fun to your furnace purchase? At Maglish, we supply the most effective and affordable furnace replacements Indiana has ever seen! Your wallet can thank us later.

Beyond Installation

Did your ambitious Do-It-Yourself heater installation turn into a Do-It-Yourself disaster? Don’t sweat it (until you can—literally!) Our skilled technicians are geared up to step in. Armed with years of experience, they’ll turn your icy despair into a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Got Repairs? We’re on it!

Blizzard or sunshine, Maglish never quits. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier furnace repair services. With us, your winter won’t stand a chance!