Keeping Cool (and Warm) with J.E. Shekell – Your Newburgh HVAC Hero!

Welcome to our tongue-in-cheek take on the trials and tribulations of heating and cooling mishaps, brought to you by the superheroes at J.E. Shekell. We’ve all been there: you’re hosting your annual summer BBQ and, just as everyone is melting their s’mores, your AC decides to stage its own meltdown. Or, you’ve invited everyone over for your famous chili night in the dead of winter, and lo and behold, your heater pulls a chill-inducing disappearing act. Lucky for you, the heroes at J.E. Shekell are just a quick call away.

We Make HVAC Emergencies History

We swoop in to save the day (or night!). Regardless of whether you’re scrambling for AC Repair or searching for Heating Repair in the nail-biting hours before your event – our team in Newburgh, IN or Evansville, IN is just a bat signal…I mean phone call…away. We promise to get things back on track, faster than you can say ‘pass the guacamole’. So, when your temperature control decides to ‘trip the light fantastic’, remember to keep calm and call in the HVAC superheroes at J.E. Shekell!