Terms of use of this website.

This websiteprovides ‘Rajsathani tile installers’ to its users. Users can visit their work profiles, see the photographs of their work, call and text them directly and hire.

The terms of work and payment should be discussed and negotiated by the service provider(Rajsathani tile installer in whom user-customer is interested) and the customer(user). Website owner is not liable to pay or negotiate with both parties if anything is mishappened.

Liability of work and payments for work are limited to tile installers and the customers who hired installers.

Kindly read the quotation and terms of service and payment well before starting the work.

Policy regarding listing.

rajasthantilecontarctors.com” website owner (admin) can charge fees for being a member of the site and/or for listing a business on the site.

The amount of money charged and/or the duration of visibility of listings can be changed by the owner of the website if required without informing the listing owners.

It is expected that listing details are provided by the listing/business owners. But website owner can change or edit details if required.
Website owner(admin) can add listing on request (written/verbal/digital) of business owner.

Privacy of Photographs

Photographs of work on this site – RajasthanTileContractors.com are posted by owners of business owners(rajasthani tile installers). We urge them to post the photographs of the work they done. Website owner has rights to use these photographs for the promotion purpose and relevant activities.
The photographs of work on this website show the work done by tile installers and not the design to copy. Owner of property where the work is copied is liable and responsible if any architect or designer claims the rights of that design. Tile installers put photographs to show their work only.