“Cool Down, Heat Up and Keep Fresh with Us!”

Imagine, it’s a scorching summer day and you feel like you’re actually on Mercury – with no respite possible. The sweat pouring from your brow might make for a great sauna experience, but let’s admit, it’s not exactly ideal for day-to-day living. Well, with Northeast Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration Co., Inc., you can turn that Mercury-feel right into a balmy day in the Maldives!

Of course, you wouldn’t want to live in a refrigerator. But what about when it breaks down becoming your own personal desert inside? You’ve got an equal opportunity nightmare on your hand. Only this time, it’s your ice cream melting faster than your hopes for a relaxing weekend! Thankfully, our refrigerator service is just as impeccable as our AC services.

On the other side of the Mercury thermometer, there’s the unnerving bite of winter. When your heating system starts acting up, instead of yielding warm, cozy vibes, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively! With Northeast Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration, the perfect indoor climate is just a phone call away. So cross out enduring the heat or cold – leave it all to us!